Stack overflow is a huge blessing for the world. Its been 3 years now, since I have been using stack overflow to get help for my problems.

Let me share my experience, during this whole time, with stack overflow. If you have never used it before, this probably looks stupid to you. So, first let me tell you what stack overflow is.

What is Stack overflow?

stack overflowStack overflow is an online website community where students and professionals ask questions and find solutions for their different problems.

It is owned by the Stack Exchange Network. It is a community of more than seven million, growing day by day.

You can also use stack overflow to advance in your career by searching for new jobs on stack overflow.

My Experience with Stack Overflow

This website has granted me a new perspective of the IT world. A world which is smart and has a solution for every problem. It served me in few hours of what is equal or longer than many weeks of constant personal research in my career at the beginning.

Stack overflow has a number of communities for different professional fields named as stack exchange communities. Everyone can see the questions and their solutions posted on any of the stack exchange communities.

But to post a question you must have an account on stack overflow, so, I created my account on stack overflow in August 2016.

Me being over-smart on stack overflow, A funny crime!

Before I tell about my story, let me explain about stack overflow community moderation. Stack overflow has a strong moderation system, each stack exchange community site has its own moderators elected through popular votes.

This is the way stack overflow keeps its community clean and useful. For this purpose, there are some community moderators appointed.

Stack overflow moderation is itself a complete job to keep the community clean and spam free.

How to earn reputation score on stack overflow

Anyone who answers a question on stack overflow gets rewarded with scores based on some criteria, which you can read on its site guidelines.

There are different conditions to get rewarded with scores and earn reputation on stack overflow community... you get the idea.

In the beginning, when I joined stack overflow community, I was very much greedy to get high reputation scores.

For that, I made 2 different accounts and keep posting question from one  account, answer the question from other account and getting good reputation score unless I was caught by one of the moderators on stack overflow.

As it is said Greed is curse, my account was suspended and all the fake reputation score was removed. It felt bad, but I got a lesson to never try to get anything by false means, as you will get caught one day and it could go worse.

Stack overflow is just not an online community, it is a teacher that teaches, about life, about work, about technology, about everything. According to me, stack overflow is a huge blessing for the world.

Most Upvoted stack overflow question

The most upvoted question on stack overflow with 22,960 upvotes is this question related to java programming language.



Most downvoted stackoverflow question

The most downvoted question on stack overflow with -203 downvotes is this question related to c language.



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Not necessary but yes having an account on has many benefits. Here is my profile on stackoverflow:

Stack overflow is a huge blessing has a great place in my life. According to me, it is a great blessing for professional and enthusiast programmers.

It is not just a place where you go to solve a programming problem, it is a FEELING that you belong to the smart world.

To that part of the world that has the curiosity to solve problems and the pleasure to help without being applauded for it.

Stack overflow is very important to me as a web developer. From 2016 till now, I have asked about 33 questions related to the problems I have faced in Web development, mostly with jQuery and PHP. Out of all these questions I have got answers for 29 questions, which is a great thing.

Even some of the questions have multiple answers which means multiple solutions were provided to me for a single problem. So much blessed!

Stack overflow is by far one of the best online community and it always feel like a blessing. When I am stuck, I go there to see how others have solved the same problems.

The best thing is that I don’t even have so many programmers in my city, and when I am stuck no one knows how to fix the error but the Stack overflow knows, professionals solve my issues without any fees.

I cannot describe my love for it in words. Stack overflow is really a huge blessing for this world!


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