WOW!!! What a thrilling final match of Circket World Cup 2019 between England and Newzeland on 14th July 2019. It was a great match with ups and downs and at last England Won the match.

Congratulations!! England for becoming Cricket World Champion for the first time.

Cricket - A little Details:

Cricket is a popular sport which is played with a hard ball and a bat. It is played between two teams of eleven players in a large stadium.

There is an International Cricket Council (ICC) which organize different events and keep this game a healthy and fair sport.

In every four year, the International Cricket Council (ICC) organize a Cricket World Cup which is an international championship of One Day International (ODI) cricket. Last World Cup event was organized in 2015, and this year in 2019, the ICC cricket World Cup was an amazing event of the year.

Can You Pass This Cricket World Cup Special Fun Quiz?

Note: This quiz is only about men's World Cup tournaments history.

Cricket World Cup Special Quiz

Are you a Cricket Fan? Can You Pass This Cricket World Cup Special Fun Quiz?

Cricket World Cup Special Quiz 2019 1

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