Learn jQuery in 15 minutes is a 3 video series by DevTips, one of the best programming channels on youtube. The teacher in this tutorial is Travis whose style of teaching is just amazing. He never let's you get bored and yet teaches very well.
Excited to learn jQuery ? So, lets just start the tutorial series:

1-Here is the first video of the series, it covers about following:

  • jQuery selectors

Basic selectors in jQuery are similar to theĀ  CSS selectors, you can use these to quickly run through your document and select anything that you need to manipulate.

  • jQuery animations

Animations can be used to show or hide, slide or fadeĀ  any element with time delay, anything you like to do with your elements.

  • jQuery filters

There are 3 jQuery filters discussed in this video, index filter, relationship filters, attribute filters. These filters can be used to apply css or animation only to the desired elements.

In just 7 minutes we have learned a lot about jQuery, this is very much enough to get started with jQuery.

2-In the second video we are going to learn about the following 3 things:
  • jQuery AddClasses
  • jQuery Image Swap
  • jQuery Methods
3-In the last video of the series you will learn about:
  • jQuery Dom Traversal
  • jQuery Event Binding
That was all in this tutorial. I hope you guys learned about jQuery. Share your thoughts in comments down below.


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Happy Learning!!!

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