Learn How to Remove duplicate values from an array in PHP.

In PHP Programming Language, there is already a function to remove duplicate elements from an array. But unfortunately, array_unique does only support string based comparisons.

Check the following examples.

Array with duplicate values

$Languages_list = array('PHP', 'Java', ' PHP', 'C++', ' C#');
$result = array_unique($Languages_list);


 Array ([0] => PHP [1] => Java [2] => C++ [3] => C#) 

You can see it just output the PHP one time skipping the duplicate value. This is how array_unique PHP function works.

But this example was just a string based comparison. What to do in case of key based arrays.

Multi-dimensional array with duplicate values

$data = array(
array('key1' => 'value1',    'key2' => 'same value for key2'),
array('key1' => 'value3',    'key2' => 'different value for key2'),
array('key1' => 'value1',    'key2' => 'same value for key2')

How to Remove duplicate values from above array?

You can use the uniqueness of array keys to solve this. Here is the solution:

// walk input array 
$_data = array();
foreach ($data as $v) {
if (isset($_data[$v['key1']])) {
// found duplicate
// remember unique item
$_data[$v['key1']] = $v;
// if you need a zero-based array, otheriwse work with
$_data $data = array_values($_data);

This is how duplicates will be removed from the array. I hope it may help someone. If you want to learn PHP then checkout this list of best PHP learning resources.

Happy Coding!!!

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