Blog commenting is still underused these days. In this article you will get 5 important tips about how to drive traffic to your blog through commenting on other different blogs.

I long stressed the benefits of commenting on top blogs in your niche. Increased exposure. Greater profits. More blogging buddies. All that good stuff.

Seeing increased blog traffic is another glowing benefit of blog commenting but you need comment properly to reap these sugary sweet rewards.

No guys; comment drive-by, 2 word, “Nice post!” type comments do not cut it. We need dig deeper to make a seismic impact for increasing traffic through blog comments.

How to Drive Traffic through Blog Commenting

I suggest writing 2-3 paragraph long comments to make a firm impress on fellow bloggers and readers. Anyone can type 2 mindless words. Caring, genuine bloggers go deeper to share their thoughts in generous, impacting fashion.

Be thorough. If you comment, do it right. Publish a few paragraphs. Flesh out some point made in the blog post. Share value, become valuable.

How to Drive Traffic through Blog Commenting

2: Personalize Comments

Add a personal touch to stand out from the blog commenting crowd. Genuine bloggers know; your name is likely the best sounding word in your native tongue. People who care use names online and offline as a show of respect.

Through blogger clicks alone - said blogger who appreciates you addressing them by name - you gain clicks and traffic. But if you delve deeper you garner even more traffic through comments.

3: Sign off to Make an Impact

I prefer signing off with my name to make an impact.

Personalizing works both ways. In one regard, you address a fellow blogger to make an impact. In another regard, you sign off with your name to make another personalized impact.

Doing so makes you stand out from most bloggers who hurriedly or mindlessly rush forward to the next blog. The little things count. The devil is in the blog commenting details.

How to Drive Traffic through Blog Commenting

4: Comment on Niche Blogs

Or, add comment on blogs which are related to your niche.

How it works; share a genuine, thoughtful, impressive comment that impresses fellow bloggers and readers. Fellow bloggers and readers click your link and increase traffic by visiting your blog. But if you comment on blogs related to your niche, comment clickers stick around your blog, visit more pages and increase your traffic even more.

Be aligned. Think targeting. Target your readers through blog commenting for a traffic boost.

Google top blogs in your niche. Scan Facebook and Twitter for niche blogs by querying hashtags aligned with your niche. Stick to these blogs primarily to make blog commenting time effective, efficient and productive.

5: Never Give Up

Smart commenting tips for increasing blog traffic are quite easy to follow for 1, 2 or even 10 days. Check in 3 months after your first day commenting to see if you feel the same way.

As with all successful blogging strategies, your energy makes the difference in being persistent in applying these approaches. If you comment mainly to give, and to have fun, you keep commenting daily. If you comment mainly to get, tension invades your being and you will quit commenting before you ever give the technique a chance to work.

Ponder how many bloggers miss the boat on blog commenting. Can another networking and traffic-driving tactic be as underutilzed? Newbie bloggers everywhere genuinely have no idea how few barriers to entry blog commenting presents. Think about it this way; if you stay out of spam by being genuine, you can comment on any blog on earth with comments open. That sounds like a square deal to me.

How to Drive Traffic through Blog Commenting

Have fun commenting on blogs to make friends, to share value and to drive traffic.

Happy commenting.

This is a guest post by Ryan Biddulph, who helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.

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