What are the Best Learning Resources for PHP Developers ?

If you are a web developer, either you have just started learning PHP or you are an experienced PHP developer. You must know about these learning resources for PHP development because they are one of the best on the web.

What is PHP?


PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely used open source server side scripting language that is best for web development and can be easily embedded into HTML.

Where we use PHP?

There is likely a whole range of uses that PHP gets applied to, such as sysadmin tools, online reports (data extracted from company databases), publishing company documents, broadcasting internal news, as the front end to many CRM systems, online groupware tools  and a lot more.

It powers majority of websites today including large brands such as Facebook, Flickr, WordPress (most popular CMS), Wikipedia and Tumblr.

PHP Manual

The most important and best resource to consider for learning PHP is its official manual website.

This manual is maintained and contributed by hundreds of PHP developers from around the web. You can download this manual in several formats from here.

PHP Learning Websites

  1. w3schools.com is one of the best learning resource for PHP developers. It has lessons for other programming languages as well. If you are new to PHP, I recommend to start learning from this great website.
  2. Code Tuts is owned by Envato Tuts+. It has tutorials for various programming languages created by experts in those languages. I definitely recommend this website to start learning PHP.
  3. Site Point is another great resource for learning PHP and enhancing your web development skills.
  4. Codexworld, here you can find many helping resources on PHP, MySQL, jQuery, WordPress, Drupal, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and many more web technologies. Also, the live demo and download source code features will help more for PHP programming.
  5. Zend Developer Zone, learn from the best minds in the industry on Dev Zone which has great advice and tips on how to succeed with your PHP coding.
  6. Code of a ninja is a PHP and Web Programming blog.
  7. PHP Developers Zone, you can learn about different PHP frameworks  from this website.
  8. PHP Classes is a PHP classes repository website where you can find many great PHP classes code created for different purposes. For example, if you want to Read Excel File data using PHP, then you can download this PHP class. This site  has hundreds of great PHP classes to help achieve different things for your PHP projects.

Popular Authors

  1. Anthony Ferrara, is really an expert in PHP, you can learn a lot from him.
  2. Alejandro Gervasio, is an author at SitePoint who has more than 12 years of experience in PHP development.
  3. Rob Allen, teaches the development of software in the real world.
  4. Nikic Popov, is a software developer at JetBrains on the PhpStorm team. He has contributed to the PHP and LLVM projects and maintain a number of open-source PHP libraries.

PHP Forums and Communities

  1. Stackoverflow.com is a great blessing for the developers community. Even it has many communities for numerous fields of life. It is a platform where we can get help for our PHP problems from the professionals from around the world.
  2. PHP - a group on facebook is one of the largest PHP community group. I have been member of some other PHP groups on facebook, but this group is the best for learning PHP and getting help from experts.
  3. PHP UserGroup is an international meeting-point for the PHP community. This website provides you with a possibility to see which Usergroups are available in your area as well as contact informations for each of these Usergroups.
  4. Larachat is a really big Laravel community.
  5. PHP Development Community is a slack powered community for PHP developers to share knowledge. It’s really an enthusiastic and honest community.
  6. quora.com is another great platform to find help for your programming problems for PHP.

Long Live PHP... Happy Learning!!!

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